Northern Lights Hunt

Let´s go for a chase after the incredible Northern Lights! We will use our expertise to chase them down and will go where ever the lights may take us.
This tour starts around 20:00 and usually ends around 24:00 or when we have found and photographed the lights so you can prove you saw them. Our guides will help you take photos or take photos for you on our cameras. We will only go if we have a good chance to see them, otherwise it is better to stay at home and keep warm through the cold Icelandic night. No worries we will bring hot Chocolate and some fine Icelandic snaps for extra warmth.

Departure: Everyday
Length of tour: 3-6 hours
Refreshments: We have light refreshment so no worries.
What to bring: This is Iceland, dress in layers, we are going out at nigh so it can get very cold. A camera and good walking shoes or similar are a good idea. Remember to bring a tripod if you are going to be trying to get photos of the lights.
Price: 65.000 ISK for the vehicle, it seats comfortably 4 adults and there are 2 extra seat also available for children, teenagers or those who dare!

There is free WiFi in all our cars if you need to go online at anytime. Make sure your phone is fully charged, you will be posting from everywhere we go whilst having a great time.

Want to experience unspoiled northern lights in the remote highlands of Iceland? We can take you there! Why not stay for a day or two and experience the northern lights in the middle of nowhere, its an experience like no other. Here is a link to Kerlingarfjoll. We can arrange for your accommodation there all winter long.